The future of the National Health Service in Northern Ireland

February 2019

A joint report by the Good Governance Institute and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, which assesses key challenges and opportunities for the future of healthcare in Northern Ireland

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The report, entitled ‘The future of the NHS in Northern Ireland’, follows a debate which took place on 7th November 2018 at Riddel Hall, Queen’s University Belfast, and brought together a range of health and social care experts.

The purpose of the debate was to critically examine the future challenges facing the health and social care system, and this formed the third part in a series of debates focusing on each of the four health systems in the UK.

The challenges to delivering effective health and care in the United Kingdom are well-stated, with numerous planning and policy documents outlining the context of poor health outcomes, demographic pressures, and financial and workforce constraints facing the National Health Service (NHS).

These dynamics are certainly evident in Northern Ireland. The absence of a functioning Assembly provides a further obstacle to be navigated in delivering ambitions for health and wellbeing, care and quality, and efficiency

The report assess core challenges and opportunities facing the NHS in Northern Ireland, including:

– Demand and expectations
– Impact of political deadlock
– Priorities for end of life care
– Delivering population level interventions
– Financial sustainability
– Authentic engagement and community voice

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