New models of care: Distributed Leadership

July 2018

GGI and Dudley CCG briefing paper exploring some of the key challenges facing the development of New Models of Care in the NHS with a selection of questions for organisations to consider.

GGI is supporting Dudley CCG in the development of their Multi-speciality Community Provider (MCP) as part of the NHS Vanguard programme. This briefing paper explores the area of ‘distributed leadership’ and the challenges this may bring.

It is characterised by:

• A recognition of the importance of leadership by expertise rather than leadership by role or years of experience

• High levels of trust, transparency and mutual respect

• More equitable distribution of tasks and decision-making

• Consultation and consensus seeking

• Change and improvement driven from the bottom-up

It is perhaps more commonplace in other sectors, especially education where significant research has been undertaking demonstrating its positive impact, but is increasingly being promoted and adopted within an NHS context.


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