Keeping The NHS Great

September 2014

It’s a failure of the system to change that is denying people life-changing support and technology is being put in the too difficult box.

GGI and Tunstall Healthcare have launched a new discussion paper ‘Keeping the NHS Great, Delivering Technology Care Enabled Services” which looks at the benefits of integrating care services through the use of technology, the existing evidence base, the barriers to deployment of technology enabled care services (TECS) and the emerging recommendations for policy makers.

TECS such as telecare and telehealth, can be life-changing not only for the individual, but also for family, carers and the professionals involved in their care. The overwhelming conclusion of an expert group brought together by GGI was that there needs to be a system-wide cultural change in order to overcome the barriers of adopting TECS.

The experts recommended that there needs to be a system wide transformation and cultural change, aligned incentives, pooled budgets and outcome based commissioning, evidence of best practice and an evidence review and a national awareness and patient empowerment programme with a personal technology Czar.

The ’Keeping the NHS Great, Delivering Technology Enabled Care Services’ discussion paper is available to download.

This report will be launched at both the Labour and Conservative party conferences. For further information, please contact the report authors.

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