Integrated Governance II: Governance Between Organisations

July 2008

This debate paper (GGI/IHM 2008) set the scene for this important concept of whole systems governance.


Professor Bryan Stoten, then Chairman, of the NHS Confederation said:

“Our current complex and pluralistic world of health and social care requires better partnership arrangements than ever before. Boundary management and boundary bridging can now only work if it takes into account local history, culture and immediate imperatives. This requires, in David Nicholson’s phrase, “looking outward not upward”.

Local health economies will develop partnership skills unique to their own circumstances but drawing upon the successful lessons learned from the attempts of colleagues elsewhere to ensure “the crooked shall be made straight and the rough places plain”.

The requirement – even duty – to partner with good management and good governance between organisations may be enunciated centrally, but it will only work through local engagement and determination.”

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Dr John Bullivant FCQI CQP

Dr John Bullivant FCQI CQP

Chair, GGI Advisory Group

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