Innovations In Care

February 2015

This collaborative white paper from GGI and Care England, explores innovations in residential and home care. “Innovations in Care” aims to inform debate around the future of care services across the UK, and comes in the context of the Burstow Commission’s “Key to Care” report.


The paper covers three key areas of care: accommodation and facilities, commissioning and strategic organisation, and the delivery of care itself. In order understand why some health and social care organisations have been more receptive to innovations than others, the paper outlines some of the key barriers to innovations and suggests ways in which these can be overcome.

The idea and much of the content of this paper originated from a roundtable discussion facilitated at GGI’s Clinical Advisory Group (CAG). This group has been meeting regularly over several years to develop thinking about how health and social care organisations can rise to the challenges posed by demographic changes and new patterns of morbidity.

Telehealthcare solutions were a key focus of the group’s discussion informing this white paper, as were training and employment conditions, along with the need for broader systemic innovations and alternative commissioning models in social care.

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Private: Donal Sutton

Private: Donal Sutton

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