Here are some key challenges to our board level objectives

May 2004

Board Assurance Prompts were first developed by the NHS Clinical Governance Support Team with the support of the Healthcare and Appointments Commissions in 2004 as a series of challenges for boards to encourage adoption of the Standards for Better Health. The format was deliberately imaginative and tactile using a top design firm secured through a Design Council competition.


The Cards supported the integrated governance approach and were cross referenced to the then standards for better health. Each card posed a number of key challenges under a heading such as ‘ensure our care environment are safe and fit for purpose’.

On the back of each card the challenges was an explanation of what the challenge is probing with some references as necessary and also a set of the tensions the board needed to balance in moving towards a better resolution of the issue for example in reconciling the need to share relevant information with other care providers and protecting individuals rights to privacy. The cards also provided prompts, additional questions that could be asked if the response was unsatisfactory.

These could be asked by colleagues on the board who felt the initial challenger has been fobbed off. The questions were meant to be illustrative rather than comprehensive, asking the kind of questions Board directors might need to ask. They were mainly used in training sessions and were republished

by the Appointments Commission and Healthcare Commission in 2005.

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Dr John Bullivant FCQI CQP

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