GP views on day-to-day service issues and the role of telehealthcare – a report from the Model for Optimising Sustainable Telehealthcare programme

June 2014

The MOST project, is a collaboration between Tunstall Healthcare (the world’s leading telehealthcare provider), NHS North Yorkshire, Ernst and Young, and the Nuffield Trust, as part of the Technology Strategy Board’s Assisted Living:


Economic and Business Models and Social & Behavioural Studies competition. It has the dual goals of developing a toolkit and demonstrating the deployment of new product solutions that would enable the up scaling of telehealth services.

The MOST Toolkit, produced as a result of this collaboration, is a guidance document designed to explain the processes of developing and implementing a large-scale telehealth project from the viewpoint of both the commissioner and the service provider.

This report analyses the impact of changes in the health landscape since the inception of the MOST project and also summarises the findings of a series of interviews and focus groups held with commissioning managers and GPs in early 2014, the results of which make the case for the greater implementation of telehealthcare.

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