Clinical audit: A simple guide for NHS organisations

January 2010

Clinical audit: A simple guide for NHS Boards & partners by Dr. John Bullivant, Director, GGI and Andrew Corbett-Nolan, Chair, Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM).


This document has been produced by GGI for the Healthcare Quality improvement Partnership (HQIP).

The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) commissioned GGI to develop and produce a guidance document for NHS Boards and partners to facilitate an improved understanding of how clinical audit can enable boards to measure the clinical quality of the care the organisation provides.

The guidance includes:

• Purpose and benefits of clinical audit

• 10 simple rules and key questions for boards

• Statutory requirements and responsibilities of organisations

How the Board, its members and committees can gain assurance around clinical audit programmes

A matrix to assess the maturity of an organisation’s approach to clinical audit has also been developed by GGI.

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The Author
Dr John Bullivant FCQI CQP

Dr John Bullivant FCQI CQP

Chair, GGI Advisory Group

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