Building a Framework for Board/Governing Body Assurance

February 2014

This paper, based on a series of seminars run in the East Midlands with funding from Allocate Software, has been developed to facilitate discussion amongst Board members and senior managers to enable them to develop or evolve their governance arrangements in a way which effectively supports achievement of their organisation’s strategic objectives.


It also considers the principles behind trying to capture and evidence these assurances in one report document (the BAF Report), in light of the changing landscape of the NHS since the original Board Assurance guidance was published by the Department of Health over 10 years ago. Throughout the document are a number of questions for Board members to ask themselves about the arrangements they have in place and the assurances they are provided with.

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The Author
Dr John Bullivant FCQI CQP

Dr John Bullivant FCQI CQP

Chair, GGI Advisory Group

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