A simple guide to risk for members of boards and governing bodies

July 2017

The purpose of this guide is to assist members of boards and governing
bodies, and those who support them, to better understand some simple rules
of risk.

Main Authors:
Dr John Bullivant, Chairman, GGI
Dr Kevin Street, Risk and Governance Consultant
David Holden, Interim Director of Governance and Corporate Affairs, Barnet CCG

GGI strongly believe that risk is a fundamental currency of governance and
can be both a hazard and an opportunity.
We have developed with colleagues a modern approach to risk appetite and
see the idea of annually defining risk tolerance as a basic tool for clarifying the
roles of management and committees, and also a way of containing ever-
increasing agendas.
We recognise in this summary the work of Trevor Llanwerne, Professor David
Spiegelhalter, Christopher Alberts, and Gerd Gigerenzer and his colleagues.

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The Author
Dr John Bullivant FRCP Edin

Dr John Bullivant FRCP Edin

Chair, GGI Advisory Group

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