Nadeem Moghal

Chief Medical Officer
DMC Healthcare


Nadeem has had a unique 30+ year medical career, deliberately seeking out seemingly impossible challenges across a wide range of NHS and private sector services and providers.

After learning the craft of leadership, and leading change as a consultant paediatric nephrologist and regional lead, he chose to break and remake his DNA. First through the MBA, and then the IHI followed by the Harvard Kennedy School of Government supported by the NHS Leadership Academy executive fast track programme.

He has led change programmes ranging from a hospital ward, acute service, community substance misuse service through to whole regional service redesign and delivery. More latterly this included being an executive on trust boards, lifting two out of special measures. He understands the politics of hospital car parks more than most.

Following a horrific year being treated for cancer, and returning too soon to work, he exited his last NHS posting following the dismantling of the 2015 Executive A team that lifted the most challenged London trust out of special measures, with much left still to do.

Nadeem has developed a special interest and expertise in measurable professionalism. He also keeps busy working for an independent healthcare provider, coaching, mentoring and having his brain used in a number of advisory roles.