Nabil joined GGI in October 2018. Nabil is one of the latest additions to the GGI Team as a Consultant, using his passion for governance in helping and developing organisations in their journey of governance and risk management.

Nabil has over fourteen years’ experience in the NHS, public health services and social care. He has worked in the NHS and more recently internationally. He led a National Programme in developing a National Strategy project and governance frameworks in Qatar, focused on population and macro/systematic level prevention modelling. He also authored a National Policy, adopting IHI methodology in designing efficient and innovative public health initiatives, supported by robust scientific research and effective evidence.

Nabil has a track record in national project management and national programme management, national strategy development, quality improvement initiatives, corporate governance, risk management, company secretariat, business planning, relationship management and developing innovative systems for the effective use of resources. In various parts of Sussex and the South East, he has worked with a number of organisations ranging from PCTs, Complex Foundation Trusts, Community Trusts and CCGs, in various corporate governance, company secretariat and risk management roles.

During the last year, Nabil has worked with many NHS organisations to help them review and align their risk management frameworks in line with best practice. With his expertise in this area, Nabil has helped organisations improve their risk management practices from the ‘board to ward’ and across the organisation.

More recently, Nabil’s involvement in developing the governance structures and supporting the development of the business case have been paramount to see a brand-new NHS and the first ICP organisation “Dudley Integrated Health and Care (DIHC) NHS” become established during the pandemic. With Nabil’s particular interest and expertise in risk management he co-produced an approach to system risk management as part of his continued work with DIHC.

Nabil likes to inspire people to deliver excellent results through motivational leadership, coaching and mentoring, and creating an environment based on honesty, openness, trust, and integrity. He specialises in engagement, and establishing assurance frameworks to meet service objectives, supported by sound qualifications and experience in corporate governance, risk management and business management. After completing his MBA in International Management, Nabil acquired his MSc. Healthcare Management at the University of Surrey.