Joao joined GGI in January 2019 as a Research Analyst, supporting with programme management, research and consultancy. His primary interests are centred around strategic capacity and practices of good governance in the Third Sector.

Prior to joining GGI, Joao worked with the UNDP in Cambodia, where he oversaw the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) processes of the ‘Clearance for Results’ project. As part of the University of York’s Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit (PRDU), Joao conducted independent research in Kosovo, analysing the efforts of the Kosovar and Serbian governments in facilitating reconciliation and development between the several ethnic minorities in Kosovo.

Joao holds a Master’s degree in Post-war Recovery Studies from the University of York, where his primary research focused on challenges of sustainable development practices in conflict-affected environments. He previously gained an undergraduate degree with honours in Politics with International Relations from the same university.

Joao’s broader areas of interest include the politics and governance of NGOs and (global) civil society; the intersection of conflict and development; humanitarianism and humanitarian law and; security studies; amongst others.

In his spare time, Joao is a keen spectator of performing arts and has recently taken on bouldering.