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National Commission on
The future of governance in the public sector

About the National Commission

The Commission was established in 2019 to develop clear and pragmatic proposals to influence policy and action. The Commission aims to stimulate new thinking, promote productive discussion outside normal boundaries and identify practical actions which will strengthen the impact of good governance now and in the future.

The first report from the Commission was published at the end of Phase 1 in November 2019.  It scopes out a challenge for everyone interested in the future of good governance in the UK public sector.  It asks us to look closely at the way decisions are made, to ensure governance can deliver what we want it to.

Phase 2 will now take a harder, more objective look at the future through the lens of governance – one that is both forward-looking and well-grounded – around various themes.  Phase 2 will explore options and scenarios for good governance and arrive at clear recommendations in November 2020.

To assist with Phase 2 and allow broad input from a wide range of sources we would like you to consider three questions:

1. What does effective, modern governance need to look like in the public sector in such a rapidly changing world?

2. How can good governance help deliver the best possible outcomes for citizens in the future?

3. What will ensure governance in the public sector is seen as credible and trusted?

You do not have to answer all three questions but please provide as much information as possible in a maximum of 500 words per question.

The deadline for submission is Friday 29 May 2020.

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