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Good Governance Institute 10 Years #GGI10th

GGI in 2013

Birmingham Telecare Service 

Establishing an independent quality assurance process 


GGI has a commitment to supporting innovation and the effective use of technology in delivering high quality sustainable health and care services. Governance has a fundamental role in this context, to ensure that user perspectives and experiences are embedded in the design, delivery, and consistent improvement of services.

 In 2013, GGI published ‘Birmingham Telecare Service – Establishing an independent quality assurance process’. This was the output of a collaboration with Birmingham City Council and Tunstall. GGI was engaged as the independent partner to ensure that the Birmingham Telecare Service was successfully informed by the voice of citizens.

 A core part of this programme was the development of a quality assurance programme for Birmingham’s telecare service. Activities included establishing an independent quality review board, a citizen’s expert reference group, directly engaging with telecare service users and their carers, and involving established community and voluntary sector organisations working with service users, as well as colleagues involved in the direct provision of the service.

 This was a ground-breaking collaboration which developed a sound understanding of care quality issues for telecare services, and supported the Birmingham Telecare Service to contribute to a national quality template for telecare services.

 The programme also involved the production of video interviews with service users and carers. These served as some of the most powerful resources in demonstrating the importance ensuring of authentic citizen voice in the running of the service in Birmingham. The methodology used in establishing the independent quality assurance process has continued to inform the evaluation and engagement work of GGI in healthcare and other sectors.