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GGI in 2017


Maturity matrix for governing bodies in higher education 


GGI has worked with a range of higher education institutions throughout the UK, supporting governance effectiveness and delivering independent review and development programmes. 

As part of our work, we employ a tool called a maturity matrix which provides a structured means of assessing organisational performance against a range of indicators of good governance. These standards are based on knowledge and evidence gained from our work in the higher education sector in the UK, together with research and benchmarks drawn from other sectors, both at home and internationally.

2017 saw us publish this resource for higher education as a practical, developmental tool to be used either as a framework for reflective self-assessment, or as part of an independent review of governance, whether to meet statutory requirements or to provide a stock-take for other reasons. The matrix allows progress to be assessed in a nuanced, consistent and effective way over time. The Governing Body can then put in place a developmental programme intended to strengthen institutional governance and leadership.

The matrix is structured according to 9 themes:

1. Culture and behaviour
2. Purpose and leadership
3. Structures and business flow
4. Skills and capacity
5. Finance and resources
6. Risk and agility
7. Stewardship and standards
8. Engagement and voice
9. Impact and reach

From our first substantial higher education governance engagement with Plymouth University in 2014, GGI have worked with universities in all four nations of the UK. We continue to develop tools and resources for Councils and Boards informed by our governance work across the sector and elsewhere.