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GGI in 2016


The New Integrated Governance Handbook 2016 


The Festival of Governance 2016 saw GGI launch the updated integrated governance handbook. 

Taking the principles of the 2006 Department of Health ‘Integrated Governance Handbook’, the 2016 report evaluated progress in governance over the intervening period, and reflected on key challenges for the future.

Many of the key principles still applied to boards, including:

– Move governance out of individual silos into a coherent and complementary set of challenges
– Require boards to focus on strategic objectives, but also to know when and how to drill down to critical areas of delivery
– Require the development of robust assurance and reporting of delegated clinical and operational decision making in line with well-developed controls
– Be supported by board assurance products, which provide board members with a series of prompts with which to challenge their objectives and focus

The updated handbook is an insightful resource on the development of governance best practice and principles. It was also a valuable opportunity to revisit some of the valued partnerships GGI have had over the years in supporting the ‘governance odyssey’ including with Claire Lea in supporting the Health Service Governance Handbook, and with Judge Mervyn King of the South African King Commission on Corporate Governance. 

In line with the King principles, GGI’s outlook that governance must be linked to strategic purpose and that organisations must have a clear strategy to deliver, with governance fit for that purpose. Governance focused on the rigid application of fiduciary duty – to look after the interests and continuation of the institution alone – is too narrow an understanding of public duty. 

In 2019, through our governance partnership with Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and our work with Edinburgh Integration Joint Board, GGI is developing updated governance handbooks for the NHS in England, and for IJBs in Scotland.