GGI in 2015

Patient Safety Memos


Patient safety is a fundamental outcome of good governance. Over the past ten years, a central part of GGI’s work has been developing systems and supporting teams to deliver safe, high quality, sustainable care. Working with Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust (BHRUT) in 2015, GGI developed an innovative communication campaign which focussed on key patient safety issues at the trust. Emphasising the message that patient safety is everyone’s responsibility, the campaign provided engaging briefings on issues such as duty of candour, patient falls, and medicines management. The campaign saw a diverse array staff members displayed as cartoon avatars alongside quotes describing their personal contribution to patient safety at BHRUT. These eye-catching materials were accompanied by succinct briefings on a weekly safety topic, and provided an opportunity for staff to respond with ideas and suggestions for quality improvement at the trust.

The patient safety memo campaign was part of the wider Clinical and Quality Governance Transformation Programme partnership between GGI and BHRUT. GGI worked with the trust to address 35 CQC ‘must do’ recommendations, and supported their improvement journey, including the trust’s successful departure from quality special measures. 




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