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GGI Faculty

The GGI Faculty is a new way of bringing together people who share a commitment to increasing the value and impact of good governance in the world.

We want the GGI Faculty to develop as an active community of interest that meets the increasing need to think differently and collaborate in a changing world. GGI will also use it as a touchstone as we develop our thinking and work.

The GGI Faculty is a unique forum where a wide range of cross-sector interests will meet.

It will:

• Help GGI to operate effectively as an institute of social value and a national influencer and voice;
• Provide regular, structured access and exchange on frontline thinking and research, and act as a key source of resources and ideas;
• Support action research, co-design and quality assurance of products and services which shape a world of uncertainty;

Get to know the GGI Faculty

Our founding faculty members are an invited group of leading local, national and international leaders, influencers and thinkers, specialists in their field and/or young professionals.

Members are invited to join the faculty for two years. During that time, they will take part in GGI events and help us to develop new ways to promote good governance.

We encourage you to get to know our faculty members – to engage with them, cultivate them, and work with them.

Together we can change the world.

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