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Governance is not stand-alone or one-off activity but a vital part of an ongoing system which delivers great outcomes for people and communities. Good governance needs a communal approach – a network of individuals and organisations bound by a shared purpose. 

Good Governance Institute’s festivals are an opportunity to bring clients, partners and contributors from multiple sectors together, to celebrate examples of good governance and to share ideas and experiences with a wide range of colleagues.  The festival is a place where old friends meet and new ones are made.

Individuals bring their own thoughts, behaviours and values to governance.  Leaders look at governance through their own lens and experiences.  Decision-makers need to understand the importance of good governance and question their own and their colleagues’ attitudes. 

Governance in the future will be increasingly about knowing yourself and recognising the often competing interests for local, regional, national and international community outcomes and so the theme of our 5th Festival of Governance is good governance because it’s personal.


Our Festival Dates

The Festival runs from September to November 2019 and starts at our Annual Lecture on 5 September with our guest speaker Dr Marilyn Hamilton from Integral Cities. Over the following weeks, we will look at how individuals create and sustain communities through good governance, hosting various events exploring issues of reflection, the migration of people and ideas, sustainability, technology, partnerships and the voice of communities. 

We end the Festival in November with the outcomes of our Advisory Group – the launch of a Green Paper on the Future of Governance in the Public Service in the next ten years.

Our Festival Publication

In GGI’s 10th anniversary year, the 2019 festival publication will feature project work over the past year and a range of stimulating articles from team members and other contributors. 

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