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Staff Engagement

Governance affects us all and we all have a part to play in governance. Staff are relied upon to make organisations work effectively within a supportive governance framework. Raising staff awareness of core systems or processes, good policy management, and building engagement through learning and development activities – all contribute to a well-managed, well-led and well-governed organisation.

Ensuring that staff are engaged in the structures of good governance will help support the development of a reliable, robust and resilient organisation. GGI have devised and delivered a number of initiatives specifically targeted at engaging with staff in meeting organisational objectives and aspirations, including staff, including staff focus groups, surveys, poster campaigns, and encouraging best practice learning from across the organisation.

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Community Stakeholder Engagement

Members of the community (either third sector, social enterprises, local groups or members of the public) have a significant impact on how an organisation is perceived, which impacts on reputation and standing. An organisation that is well-governed should be perceived as such by the public, providing confidence in their services and activities.

GGI has experience of co-ordinating workshops and focus groups with public-facing bodies to promote better understanding of how organisations are governed. Learning from stakeholders can provide valuable insights in helping an organisation to develop and to improve the quality and responsiveness of its service.

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Market Engagement and Development

Market engagement is an effective way of developing business and governance systems, as it provides an effective way of innovating, understanding and learning from one of an organisation’s most important assets, namely their customers in what ever form.

Those organisations that have engaged with their core market and derived a better understanding and appreciation of their customers’ needs, have enhanced their success and effectiveness.

GGI has worked in partnership with a number of organisations helping them to better engage with their customers in designing services, thereby building trust and relationships, to meet their expectations and needs.

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