GGI Summer Camp 2019: Marseille

September 2019

Established 20 years ago the success of Summer Camp rests on the rich diversity of its community and the willingness of the participants to share, contribute and learn from each other’s experiences. Voluntary and self-funded it’s an organic gathering of open-minded professionals who are encouraged to shape their own perspectives and holistic development.  

2019 sees our community entering into a new phase as we build on our network of established leaders while tapping into the spirit and energy of our young leaders. The main theme is the phenomenon of migration and its impact within our communities. We’ll be exploring this topic from different dimensions and perspectives, introducing new insights and ultimately visualising the world we would like to live in, and encouraging a commitment to make this vision a reality.

The primary purpose is to have meaningful conversations and reflections around common issues, and to aspire to bring about new perspectives. As with previous years, we will be hosting workshops with guest-speakers from various countries and sectors, including but not limited to, health, academia, youth, human rights and politics. We will be tapping into our skill-sets and knowledge to help us identify the leadership principles that we need to tackle difficult issues and help us ensure that our communities become more sustainable.

“Diversity is an intellect multiplier, especially when the diverse groups can collaborate well”—Mark Sareff

Why is the concept of diversity so important to Summer Camp? Because the diversity dimensions that we acquire during our lifetime – culture, educational background, professional and life experiences – are integral to setting our thinking patterns, beliefs and problem-solving approaches.

We rely on the diversity of the participants to drive the conversation, while striving to identify a common language to encourage the community to come together and collaborate. We are seeking to create an inclusive environment that fosters diverse perspectives without judgement. We hope to be inspired by our beautiful host city and her people while also being sympathetic to her the difficulties that she’s facing, before returning to our communities equipped with a fresh set of ideas.

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