ISQua 2019

October 2019

In a few weeks a GGI team will be joining over 1 500 key decision-makers from over 80 countries at the International Society for Quality in Healthcare’s (ISQua) 36th International Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. GGI consultant, Chris Smith, gives an overview of GGI’s involvement.

ISQua’s mission is to improve quality in patient safety. It achieves this through education, knowledge sharing, external evaluation, supporting health systems around the world, and connecting like-minded people through their health care networks. GGI fully supports ISQua’s goals and are proud to be one of the principal sponsors of this year’s conference.

Andrew Corbett-Nolan, GGI’s Chief Executive, will lead a lunchtime session entitled Embracing risk to achieve strategic goals. While risk management processes within the NHS are relatively mature, members of our team report that risk appetite is still clearly often misunderstood. In light of the increasing challenges in healthcare delivery across the world, it is paramount that Boards have a strong collective appreciation of the concept of risk appetite, and of the levels of risk they are prepared to take to provide safe and sustainable care. Based on this and the premise that robust risk management is crucial to the effective functioning of any healthcare system and the institutions operating within it, Andrew’s presentation aims to help attendees refine their understanding of risk appetite and suggest ways to incorporate it into their decision-making processes.

The conference also provides an opportunity for GGI to present some of the innovative and exciting work that we have delivered with our partners in the NHS. Front and centre will be our work with Sussex MSK Partnership East who have developed a unique and effective integrated MSK service across Central and Eastern Sussex. Our work identified four key areas of learning that will be crucial for other healthcare organisations looking to implement similar services in their patch. This highly successful model brings together primary care, specialist MSK care, community and mental health, and well-being expertise to create a holistic service for East Sussex. At the same time, it led to reduced spending and improved patient outcomes. More information can be found in our report Sussex MSK – sharing an innovative approach.

We are looking to return with examples of innovative and best practice to share and inspire our partners in the NHS. So follow GGI’s social media channels for regular updates from the conference.

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