National Commission

The National Commission is an independent project, set up by GGI, that is focused on exploring the future of public sector governance.

The commission aims to influence policy at a national level. Through its work, we want to stimulate fresh thinking, promote discussion and identify practical actions.

The National Commission produces evidence-based reports and stimulus papers making recommendations to help ensure the UK has the best possible public sector governance outcomes by 2030.

The commission also stages events that bring together leaders from across society to explore the role of governance in the public sector.

The eight commissioners are highly experienced leaders with UK public sector and international expertise. They are supported by a project team of five GGI staff members.

The work of the National Commission touches all our lives. That’s why your participation is so important. There are four ways to engage with the National Commission:

  • Contribute to its call for evidence

  • Join the discussion on its forum

  • Attend its events

  • Contact the team directly

Governance is essential to a country having good results based on legitimacy, an ethical culture and accountability

Dr Charles Thannock

Commissioner of the National Commission

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Governance is about creating the conditions to do things better. It should be liberating and facilitate change

Baroness Mary Watkins

Commissioner of the National Commission

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Governance should bring an ethical culture, bring better control and add to legitimacy

Lord Richard Newby

Commissioner of the National Commission

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Mark Butler

Convener of the National Commission

Mark is responsible for the overall direction and strategy of the National Commission.

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National Commission - Framework of enquiry

Roundtable: the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on governance in the public sector