Quality and safety in telehealthcare

GGI is committed to supporting boards grapple with the important strategic issues in healthcare today. Telehealthcare is a game-changing way in which health and social care services will be provided over the coming decades.

In our 2010 report on telehealth, GGI stated that the introduction of telehealth is, in its own way, as significant as the arrival of the concept of the hospital many centuries ago. Currently, the model for quality, effective risk management and indeed regulation is lagging behind how teleheathcare services are being developed. For this reason GGI has felt it important to start the quality debate going by developing a quality standard for telehealthcare, using the NICE format.  We are also conducting a commission into incident reporting in telehealthcare with the aim of producing a simple taxonomy of incident types to support the introduction of better clinical risk management in telehealthcare.

You can find out more about the quality standard programme by clicking here. We have recently produced a draft quality standard for consultation.

Our approach to both these projects is iterative, and we invite colleagues from all backgrounds to participate.

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