Strategy development

Increasingly, GGI is being ask to help facilitate boards develop, script and track the deliver of their strategy.

In 2012 we brought David Goldberg back to the NHS from Oregon to review whether NHS organisations are strategy-driven bodies. The subsequent Goldberg Report identified that NHS boards needed to step-up their focus on strategy at every level, and GGI have been supporting boards since.

Usually working with other advisors, we have helped boards with the bread and butter of strategy development. This has included carrying out bottom-up listening exercises, working with boards to conduct Boston Matrix service reviews, facilitating strategy sessions, managing out larger public engagement events and doing stakeholder reviews.

From this, we have helped boards actually script their strategy or business plans themselves. We also have reviewed multiple IBPs as part of NHS FT authorisation programmes. The strategy is owned by the organisation itself, with GGI being a critical friend reviewing the strategy as it develops draft by draft, feeding back comments and scripting out complex sections. We often provide technical input into IBPs, such as the governance and risk chapters.

Most importantly, we help boards track the delivery of their strategies. Key to this is helping boards use their Board Assurance Frameworks (BAFs) properly. An often ignored governance instrument, the BAF is a practical way in which the board and senior management can have confidence that the organisation is taking a strategic direction and working towards the achievement of the vision and goals. GGI helps boards understand BAFs, craft up understandable BAFs, introduce risk appetite into the BAF and use the BAF to help ‘commission’ board sub-committees and other assurance mechanisms.

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