Stakeholder reviews

The standard for any board or governance review today is that it includes a formal, independent stakeholder review. GGI’s stakeholder reviews are succinct and effective.

The BGAF and Monitor periodic review sets the standard for stakeholder reviews. At GGI we find that these reviews are best if focussed towards the stakeholder views about the board and it’s working, rather than being a general fishing trip about the whole organisation. Our stakeholder reviews include:

  • Semi-structured interviews of partner organisations and key stakeholders
  • Focus groups of staff, service users, carers and volunteers
  • Our clinical governance heatmaps survey (described here) to understand staff confidence in the board and the governance systems
  • A stakeholder engagement survey
  • Document review, completed against an established GGI template
  • Media review, to pick up on how the organisation is being portrayed in the local and national media

The stakeholder review is presented as a stand-alone report, and can be incorporated into a GGI board effectiveness review or provided to another organisation you have commissioned to undertake a board effectiveness review.

Elements of our stakeholder review, such as the survey components, can be benchmarked with others or used to chart annual changes in perception of the board’s effectiveness.

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