Individual development

Leadership development is key to ensuring that boards succeed. Through coaching and mentoring, action learning sets, study tour visits, retreats, external assessment and constructive challenge sessions we help individuals on boards or aspiring to be on boards build their skills, abilities and careers.

Our team are all senior peers to those on boards who have done the job themselves. We offer:

  • Learning sets
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Masterclasses and discussion events
  • Facilitating peer-review visits
  • Supporting better appraisal and PDP
  • Helping Chairs step-up their annual appraisal of board members
  • Creating and sometimes running board induction programmes
  • ‘Phone-a-friend’ service

Because of our national work, we can weave into leadership development the opportunity to take part in national development work. Leaders often develop by doing, and GGI provides opportunities to take part in shaping national thinking on governance, risk and health policy thinking.

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