Clinical governance heatmap survey tool

GGI understands that good governance only works when the whole organisation trusts the governance systems and when the organisational culture is healthy. So now when we review an organisation’s governance we find a variety of ways of checking out how much staff trust their leadership, and are confident in some of the important governance tools. We use a variety of methods to do this – including our own developed ‘heatmap’ survey tool.

Our clinical governance heatmap survey tool is an alert tool, and not a piece of social research. On the Pareto basis that you get 80% of the truth in 20% of the effort, we use an online survey to ‘take the temperature’ of an organisation. This supplements other ways of understanding levels of trust amongst staff, for example using the existing NHS staff survey results, running focus groups and one-on-one interviews.

Results are graphically represented using a colour code, which immediately helps identify how the different staff groups trust the governance of the organisation they work in.

This is a simple and economical way of helping organisations root out the ‘unknown unknowns’, and test how real their clinical governance actually is.

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