Clinical governance and quality reviews

Service quality and patient safety really matter. Increasingly, boards are turning to GGI to conduct an independent review of the board’s grip on quality and safety, or to review clinical governance arrangements. Sometimes this is done against a framework such as the QGAF, often to satisfy a regulator or the TDA.

Usually, these reviews are commissioned for a specific purpose and so we start by taking a careful brief about what the organisation is actually trying to achieve and then craft up an intervention that will deliver this. We usually find that the bricks of such a plan will include:

  • Interviews with board members, operational staff, clinical governance specialists and clinicians themselves
  • Document review – reports, minutes, papers, investigations, etc
  • Systems reviews including the risk register, incident reporting and complaints
  • Observations of board, sub-committees and directorate meetings
  • Quality and safety walkabout
  • Focus groups often involving staff, patients, carers and volunteers
  • Our clinical governance heatmap survey tool
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