Board reviews

Good corporate governance practice requires boards to self-evaluate each year, and every three years to go through an independent review process. Indeed, Monitor is now consulting on plans for three-yearly periodic reviews, and as part of becoming an NHS Foundation Trust various elements of board working need to be independently reviewed.

GGI does board reviews of all types. We can help you with annual self-evaluations, rapid reviews and full board effectiveness reviews in line with the standard currently recognised by Monitor and the Department of Health (BGAF, QGAF and periodic reviews).

Our governance support service will support your Chair’s annual review of board working. We can offer help and advice, as well as materials and easy-to-use templates and frameworks. This will empower your board to understand their own practice as compared with others.

Rapid reviews are a cost-effective peer review of the board’s structures, systems and working. Two senior consultants visit your organisation and review paperwork, observe the board at work and conduct interviews, providing immediate feedback as well as a detailed report. Rapid reviews have often been used by incoming Chairs or chief executives as part of their own due diligence.

Board effectiveness reviews need to be evidence-based, triangulated reviews undertaken to the standard specified by Monitor and the Department of Health. This requires the reviewer to use multiple means of reviewing the board, including an internal and external stakeholder review. GGI uses a combination of observations, interviews, web-based surveys, focus groups, detailed document reviews and other means to create an independent report on the board’s working and effectiveness.

Through our partners Capsticks Solicitors LLP, we are approved BGAF reviewers.

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