Board and organisational development

We help organisations succeed by developing top teams and boards.

The GGI approach to board and top-team development recognises that great organisations have the right rules and systems for sure, but it sustained attention on culture, behaviours and ethics is what will deliver real improvements. Our board development work is:

  • Evidence-based and tailored – the needs of no two boards are the same
  • Delivered by senior, experienced facilitators – all our associates providing board development have served on an NHS or other similar corporate board
  • Outcome orientated – designed to achieve specific goals
  • Evaluated – so you can see the improvements made

Our board development work ranges from:

  • Full board development programmes – sometimes working with a board through the whole journey of NHS FT authorisation, for example
  • Shorter-term, orientated to a particular goal – perhaps to settle a board into a new pattern of working after a problematic encounter with a regulator
  • Strategy retreats – working with a board or healthcare economy to develop and implement their strategy
  • One-off sessions – to help a board work through a particular issue such as risk appetite or conflict of interest
  • Getting more from governance – many boards have used us to help them get more from their governance systems and structures. We have helped refine committee working, get BAFs properly used and create a stepped-change in the standard of board reports

Our portfolio of experience ranges from new CCGs through to some of the best teaching hospitals in the country. In the last year we have been involved with working with a number of the boards at Keogh hospitals, helping these teams cope with significant problems during a stressful period and to focus on improving patient care.

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