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As you know GGI are always looking to find learning opportunities that are exciting and distinctive at GGI – this year is no exception! It is in this vein that we are excited to announce the GGI Jugaad Innovations tour to Bangalore, India, 19-25 November 2016.

Jugaad is a colloquial Hindu-Urdu concept that means to create innovative solutions to complicated issues and to build new things with meagre resources – loosely translated as frugal innovation.

GGI is inviting senior leaders in health and social care to join us in visiting these leading innovative organisations, the majority who have rapidly become global leaders with modest initial investment.

Why India, Why Bangalore? The median age of the Indian population is 27 years. It is a young group of people who lead some of the world’s largest and most innovative organisations. This age group uses different ways to communicate, they think differently and they use language in non traditional ways. Bangalore has been designed as India’s innovation hub and since 1996 it had grown from a city of just over 1 million people to a city of just under 9 million today. Bangalore is where India’s most profitable organisations are headquartered.

We are taking this opportunity to see systems and organisations who have grown rapidly in sometimes unregulated ways to see how the future will look like in the UK in the next 5:10:20 years. Jugged is innovation which is not necessarily about creating new products, but more about how efficiencies can be made and how more can be done for less. And we will learn how a culture of grass root innovation has turned into global success.

If you would be interested in joining us and for more information on the study tour programme and Autumn package deals please contact Emily Taylor on for any related queries.

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