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GGI offers a range of bespoke professional services to Higher and Further Education, benchmarking against both the HE and FE Codes of Governance and drawing on our wider public sector governance knowledge and expertise.

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Key features of our education service include:

  • short, rapid diagnostic reviews, assessing governance structures, systems and cultures at a point in time and providing development action plans;
  • comprehensive governance reviews, including Board/committee observations, in depth review of documentation and constitutional arrangements, one-to-one interviews with key stakeholders (ie Head of Institution, Chair, Governors and Executive);
  • 360 degree review process of Board and Executive members to assess culture, behaviours and integrity of the Board;
  • a detailed skills, knowledge and experience audit of Board members;
  • review of recruitment processes (and induction procedures) for new Governors, testing the breadth and diversity of the Board;
  • benchmarking with peer groups, sector Codes of Governance, HEFCE/SFA guidance and applying the latest governance thinking;
  • access to a senior, expert Education Advisory Panel which GGI has brought together, sensitive to the governance challenges and strategic issues facing the sector;
  • producing governance development plans and individual coaching and mentoring of Heads of Institutions, Chairs, Secretaries and Board members;
  • Board support programme providing short, annual follow up reviews, including two on-site visits to use as the institution feels appropriate.

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Education News
  • GGI sponsor AUA’s Annual Lecture

    14th December 2016

    GGI was once again delighted to have sponsored the AUA’s Annual Lecture, which this year was delivered by Professor Madeleine Atkins at the Royal Society on 1 December attended by 160 HE delegates....
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  • AUA ANNUAL LECTURE:  1 December 2016, Royal Society

    28th October 2016

    GGI is delighted once again to be sponsoring the Annual Lecture of the Association of University Administrators (AUA), to be given by Professor Madeleine Atkins CBE, Chief Executive of HEFCE. The subject of the lecture will be ‘Issues and Agenda for the Sector’, covering such topics a...
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  • To be a grammar or not be?

    12th September 2016

    Many of us will have forgotten that there even were grammar schools or what they were, nor will many remember the long battles to introduce or frustrate comprehensives. Maggie Thatcher became Secretary of State for Education in 1970 and ended the compulsion on local authorities to convert....
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Education Events

  • Mar 22

    AUA Annual Conference

    GGI is delighted to be hosting a workshop on ‘Fresh Perspectives on University Governance Emerging Governance: Themes and Lessons Learned’ at The AUA annual conference 2016 at The Royal Armouries in Leeds. This session will be hosted on Tuesda...
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  • Jan 24

    The Future of Higher Education: Beyond Brexit

    GGI’s Managing Director, David Cockayne will be presenting at the Open Forum Events ‘The Future of Higher Education: Beyond Brexit’ on Tuesday 24th January 2017 at the Manchester Conference Centre. This timely conference will explore the lik...
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  • Apr 11

    AUA Annual Conference

    GGI’s Managing Director, David Cockayne will be presenting at AUA Annual Conference on 11th April 2017 at the University of Manchester. David will be presenting on what we mean by Good Governance. On a philosophical level it has been described as i...
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