Stephanie Elsy, Senior Associate

Stephanie Elsy

Stephanie Elsy

Stephanie Elsy has worked in the delivery of public services for over 30 years. She was a CEO in the charity sector for 15 years managing community and residential services for people recovering from substance misuse, people with disabilities and people living with HIV and AIDS. She then entered local politics as a Councillor in the London Borough of Southwark in 1995, becoming Chair of Education in 1998 and then Leader of the Council in 1999.

During her tenure she drove forward the Council’s transformation programme and personally attracted significant investment to the borough for new schools, housing regeneration and developments such as The Shard. She led the Council’s management of a number of high profile issues such as the tragic murder of Damilola Taylor and the ‘Wobbly’ Millennium Bridge.

After retiring from local government in 2002 she ran a management consultancy providing services in health, local and regional government. Serco Group plc became one of her clients, and in 2004 she joined the company as a senior Director to support its Board and Senior Executives in raising the company’s profile in government and business. She helped develop Serco’s marketing capability including an award winning customer magazine, ‘Ethos’ She was a member of the company’s Global Management Team and helped shape the company’s business strategy and supported new market entry in the UK and internationally. She represented Serco on the CBI’s Economic Affairs Committee and South East Regional Council.

Stephanie left Serco in 2012 to establish a new consultancy business, Stephanie Elsy Associates, an advisory consultancy specialising in public sector services and the government contracting markets. Apart from GGI, their clients include health and social care services businesses, leading UK support services and IT businesses, a major construction and infrastructure business, and a national and international news media and media group.

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