Leigh Gallagher, Associate Director, Corporate Affairs

Leigh Gallagher

Leigh Gallagher

Leigh joined GGI in September 2015 as Associate Director, Corporate Affairs. Within her role she is responsible for the business processes for the company but also has oversight of communications and responsibility for bringing together the logistical elements of communications related work with clients.

She has successfully managed elements across a number of projects including the design, production and communications around an innovative Patient Safety campaign as well as a number of staff, public and stakeholder engagement programmes.

One of Leigh’s specialty areas is the tailored design, management and production of events ranging from small workshops complimenting a wider programme of work through to larger scale events such as GGI’s own annual Festival of Governance as well as publication launches, annual general meetings and more recently a local community day to assist engagement for a client.

Leigh has over 20 years of managing and influencing high level projects across medical education at St Georges, University of London and previously within the third sector and is now also looking forward to undertaking a role as a governor of her local primary school.

She has strategically and operationally managed a variety of programmes and campaigns as well as a number of internal and external quality and curricula reviews within medical education. She was responsible for driving forward the successful validation and implementation of two international medicine programmes; playing a key and integral part in this success through the development and delivery of training for all administrative, assessment and regulatory aspects of the programmes as well as the management of the projects themselves.

Her event management and communication skills and experience have brought together a number of conferences, launches and even fundraising events throughout her career. Leigh developed and produced annual programmes of workshops and conferences for both the Health and Social Care Quality Centre alongside Andrew Corbett-Nolan and John Bullivant between 2000 and 2005.

Prior to this Leigh enjoyed a number of key positions at the Terrence Higgins Trust, Body positive and Breast Cancer care working on a number of varied projects ranging from statutory funding negotiations through to managing celebrity donor events.

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