Emiliano Rattin, Senior Communications Officer

Emiliano Rattin, Senior Communications Officer

Emiliano Rattin, Senior Communications Officer

Emiliano, Senior Communication Officer at GGI, has more than 10 years experience in creative, advertising and communication departments, having developed his career across the specialist food retail, health, sports, fashion, leisure and hospitality sectors.

At GGI he is responsible for changes within design, publishing and maintaining GGI’s image and corporate identity.
Recently he has been working on a web-based project commissioned by the NHS England to assist with the on-going development of CCG’s.

His previous experience includes the role of communication manager for a large Heath related company, specialising in unique diet and Heath supplements tailored for individuals. He was also an art director for a communication agency, primarily focusing on the sport and fashion industry. He has eight-year experience in these fields.

The process that Emiliano follows which helps motivate him to create and develop a great idea is: ‘Think, Act, Invent!’. One of Emiliano’s defining attributes is the ability to identify and respond to emerging trends with innovative solutions. He is able to do this is a fast and effective way, utilising his communication skills to ensure the best outcome for any business.

He graduated with a degree in advertising, public relation and communication from the IULM University in 2010.

When he is not glued to the computer, Emiliano enjoys exploring the world by traveling, socialising with his friends and going to lots of galleries.

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