Christopher Smith, Team Leader, Knowledge Management

Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith joined GGI in October 2013 as a Researcher, and has since risen to the position of Team Leader for Knowledge Management. He provides management support for a range of projects and his team are responsible for maintaining GGI’s body of knowledge. He is a member of the GGI executive team.

Whilst at GGI Christopher has worked on several major projects with CCGs and GPs, including a significant piece of work with NHS England helping CCGs to develop governance arrangements that are as effective as possible. He has supported some of GGI’s most sensitive and high-profile assignments, such as a recent investigation into clinical governance issues in the Channels Islands, and is currently supporting GGI’s review of the Council Effectiveness at the University of Durham.

Prior to joining GGI, Christopher completed an internship at Build Africa, a charity working in rural Uganda and Kenya that aims to help young people escape poverty through education and income generation projects. He has also conducted research projects for a number of human rights NGOs including Child Soldiers International and Natural Justice.

Christopher completed his postgraduate degree in Applied Human Rights at the University of York in 2013, where his primary research focused on the socio-economic impact of child soldiering. He previously gained an undergraduate degree with honours in History from the same University.
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