Festival of Governance

19th September 2017

“A puzzle always seems simple once it has been solved. GGI knows that leadership is about navigating change in ever-changing circumstances. Our Festival of Governance is a unique opportunity to bring together the people who are tasked with the governance of their organisations in various sectors, each with unique challenges in sometimes puzzling organizational structures. It is our task to present the case studies that demonstrate change both internal and external to organisations and together to work through how to best achieve good governance creating a better and fairer future for us all.”

This year GGI are presenting our third Festival of Governance on Tuesday 19th September 2017. This year will see a focus on the changing landscape of leadership.

Festival of Governance 2017: Good Governance because leadership is a changing landscape.

The conference will build on the success of working across multiple sectors. The knowledge accumulated from various leadership models and governance frameworks provides GGI with a unique perspective on retaining the key principles of good governance in shifting circumstances.

We will use the Festival to inspire our colleagues with examples brought from across different sectors. Keynote speeches and the question-time panel will provide opportunities to hear, explore and examine pertinent and relative issues. Work that we have undertaken with clients and partner organisations throughout the year will be shared across the day through a multi-faceted programme that will allow the sharing of what works, what doesn’t, and will ensure plenty of delegate interaction and feedback.

A full conference programme and details on how to purchase your ticket will be released soon so do keep an eye out for future updates. The Festival of Governance 2017 is not one to be missed!

For details on Festival of Governance sponsorship opportunities please contact Calum Gaffney at calum.gaffney@good-governance.org.uk