AUA Annual Conference

11th April 2017

GGI’s Managing Director, David Cockayne will be presenting at AUA Annual Conference on 11th April 2017 at the University of Manchester. David will be presenting on what we mean by Good Governance. On a philosophical level it has been described as intellectual honesty: doing the right thing, extending far beyond rules, regulation and compliance.

At the core of effective good governance is culture, people and behaviours. It is about fairness, leadership, equity, mutual respect, stakeholder engagement and value creation. Understanding how governance works in your institution can give you a wider perspective and help to enhance your own role.

The Good Governance Institute (GGI) is at the forefront of thought leadership in governance policy and best practice, and has advised Government on the latest thinking with regard to governance protocols and systems.

In the past year, we have worked with a broad range of universities (Post-
1992, Chartered and specialist) across the UK and our workshop will draw on our
up-to-date experience in sharing latest sector developments and trends.

We have all seen high-profile examples of governance failures, whether in the world of sport, business, financial services and politics – all have common themes which we will also explore in our workshop.

GGI is very keen for this session to be interactive and for participants to share their own experiences and thoughts on governance; a subject which is not just confined to the board room, but which permeates the entire institution.

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