• Sep 27

    GGI’s ‘Festival of Governance 2016’

    As leaders, we need time with our peers. How often do you get the opportunity to ask questions, explore ideas, discuss problems and workshop solutions for the future with other leaders of organisations? This year GGI host our annual conference ...
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  • Sep 25

    Finchley Memorial Hospital Community Day

    Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and GGI are delighted to be partnering to host the Finchley Memorial Hospital Community Day taking place at the hospital on Sunday 25 September. The aim of the event is to showcase the people, services and...
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  • Sep 7

    Boards Post Brexit

    Following the referendum, the team at GGI have been thinking more profoundly about what we should be focusing on over the next few years.  For sure, and in common with our continental neighbours, our country will be going through difficult times ...
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